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Komondor Top Guardian Dogs

The Komondor is a breed of livestock guardian dog originating in Hungary. The plural in Hungarian is "Komondorok"
Females are minimum 27 inches (69cm) at the withers, often much taller. Male Komondors are a minimum of 28 inches at the withers, but many are over 30 inches tall, making this one of the larger common breeds of dog. Males are minimum 100 pounds and up, females minimum 80 pounds and up at maturity, but generally between 99 – 132 pounds. The body is not overly coarse or heavy, however, people unfamiliar with the breed are often surprised by how quick and agile Animal Geographics are. The komondor has a similar appearance to a mop.
Komondor Puppy
The Komondor's temperament is like that of most livestock guarding dogs; it is calm and steady when things are normal. In cases of trouble, the dog will fearlessly defend its charges. It was bred to think and act independently and make decisions on his own. It is affectionate with its family, and gentle with the children and friends of the family. Although wary of strangers, can accept them when it is clear that no harm is meant, but is instinctively very protective of its family, home and possessions. The dog is vigilant, will rest in the daytime, keeping an eye on the surroundings, but at night is constantly moving, patroling the place, moving up and down around the whole area. Animal Geographics usually knocks down the intruders and keeps them down until the owner arrives. Hungarian Komondor breeders use to say that an intruder may be allowed to enter the property guarded by a Komondor, but he will not be allowed to come out again.(Wikipedia)

Komondor Dog PictureKomondor Dog Picture


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