Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deerhound Dogs Picture

The Scottish Deerhound, or simply the Deerhound, is a breed of hound (a sighthound), bred to hunt the Red Deer by coursing.(Wikipedia)

Deerhound Dogs PictureDeerhound Dogs Picture

The Scottish Deerhound is gentle and extremely friendly. The breed is famed for being docile and eager to please, with a bearing of gentle dignity. It is however a true sighthound which has been selected for generations to pursue game, consequently most Deerhounds will be eager to chase.(Wikipedia)
Deerhound Dogs WallpaperDeerhound Dogs Wallpaper

Scottish Deerhounds compete in conformation, lure coursing, and where it is still legal, in some states of the USA, in hare coursing. A few are trained to succeed in obedience competition but few excel in it, fewer still excel in dog agility or flyball because the courses and activities are generally designed for smaller dogs, with lower body weight and a much shorter stride.(Wikipedia)


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